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Assurance Center Blog: 4_2017

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April 27, 2017--> By Cincinnati Personal Lines--> By Cincinnati Personal Lines Know your auto policy before you travel with a rental car. If your travel plans include use of a rental car, a little knowledge about auto insurance could preserve your peace of mind and save you money. READ MORE >>

April 25, 2017--> By Troy Dohmeyer--> By Troy Dohmeyer Ensure a safe and fun trip with your trailer or boat by following some towing tips. Every year millions of motorists by choice or necessity engage in a widely-practiced highway pastime: towing a trailer behind their car or pickup truck. READ MORE >>

April 20, 2017--> By Ronda Bradley--> By Ronda Bradley Make sure your life insurance beneficiary designations are in order. These arrangements are easily overlooked in the event of divorce. While we all dream of happily ever after, various sources reveal that in the U.S. READ MORE >>

April 18, 2017--> By Greg Popelka--> By Greg Popelka Businesses with green buildings may need special insurance to protect their investments. More and more business owners are building green, making positive changes for their businesses and the environment. READ MORE >>

April 13, 2017--> By Maureen Johnson--> By Maureen Johnson You can do your part to protect the environment while at the same time protecting your identity. While we know that it’s important to take steps to protect our personal information, it always seems to end up at the bottom of the to-do list. READ MORE >>

April 11, 2017--> By Mark Rose--> By Mark Rose Employers can establish training programs to battle behaviors that result in distracted driving. Every business owner wants to see that employees get safely to the jobsite or that cargo or products are safely delivered to their customers. READ MORE >>

April 6, 2017--> By Matthew Cluxton--> By Matthew Cluxton Jewelry can be both sentimental and practical. Take care to preserve your collectible jewelry. Jewelry and watches have a strong appeal to many people. They can represent sentiment, personal adornment, private assets, family heirlooms and collectible works of art. READ MORE >>

April 4, 2017--> By Michael Harrold--> By Michael Harrold Phones are a dangerous distraction, and that’s just part of the story. GPS, radio knobs — anything that lures your eyes off the road is a threat. The advent of the smart phone has brought with it a deluge of texting and other distractive behavior while driving a vehicle. READ MORE >>

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